About Us

town clock picThe purpose of the Picture Book Award is:

  • To encourage language development and pre-reading skills through reading aloud.
  • To provide parents and caregivers with a selection of quality picture books to read aloud to young children.
  • To introduce children to a variety of authors and illustrators of children’s books.
  • To support the 3rd grade reading initiative as part of the All America City Award.
  • To celebrate reading as a community.
  • To offer children ample opportunities to listen and respond to quality literature.
  • To promote awareness of the importance of reading aloud to children and the early literacy skills gained:
  1. Narrative Skills
  2. Letter Knowledge
  3. Print Awareness
  4. Phonological Awareness
  5. Print Motivation
  6. Vocabulary

The Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award is sponsored by the Youth Services Subdivision of the Iowa Library Association.