Voting for the 2023 Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award will begin in May. Check back soon for more information about our new website!

 Picture Book Nomshot tower picination Process:

  • Picture book titles for the preliminary list will be nominated by members of the committee, which should include local librarians, teachers and other child care providers.  All nominees will be submitted to the Committee Chair.  All nominations should consist of complete bibliographic information.
  • The Award Committee will select 30 titles from the list of nominees.  If the committee fails to find 30 eligible titles, it may consult book review sources to select additional titles.
  • All Award Committee members and 15-20 Listener/Selectors will gather for an all day meeting to read, discuss and evaluate the 30 titles on the list.  Listener/Selectors only will vote on the top titles for the final list.
  • The final list of 10 titles will be mailed to schools and day cares and a press release will be issued.  Website will be updated.  Ballots will be provided to parents through the library and to day cares and school for voting.
  • The votes will be sent to the Committee Chair who will tally the votes and announce the winner.
  • The winning author(s) and illustrator(s) will be honored with a plaque sent to them from the Committee Awards Chair.

Voting procedures:

  • Although the award is designed for kindergartners and younger, any child who benefits from the Picture Book Award may vote for their favorite title from the list (adults may fill out ballot.)  Children may only vote once.
  • A child must have five books from the list read to him/her to be eligible to vote.
  • Voting can be any time before July 31.  Local teachers and day care providers are responsible for counting their ballots and submitting them by fax, mail or online by July 31.